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Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
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The concept of winning is all around us. There’s political races, athletic competitions, contests, academic contests, cooking contests, eating contests. You name it. And in these contests, there’s always a winner.

In the workplace, many consider themselves winners when they achieve the title. For some, it’s the money and for others, it’s power.

So, what does winning really mean?

Is it really about obtaining the external benefits? The accolades are very nice and there’s nothing wrong with wanting them and achieving them. We are to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But that’s not the end of the story.

Success is not limited to possessions, title, nor our achievements. Success also has an internal component: Happiness. Being happy with what you have after you’ve achieved. There are too many “winners” who go home sad, empty and alone. That cannot be a true definition of success.

There is a bible verse that states “the race is not given to the swift nor the strong, but to the one who endures.” 

As we continue to press toward equal representation in senior leadership within organizations, let’s continue to be mindful of what true success means to each of us on a personal level: Persevere to be true to our core values, our vision, and our mission. Then we can be true winners.


What does winning mean to you?

What makes success rewarding?

What changes do you need to make in your life to reach your definition of winning?

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