Where are you compromising in your career? Are you clear with what is non-negotiable in your career?

A part of designing your career on purpose is knowing what things are non-negotiable or you’re not willing to compromise.

There may not be such a thing as a perfect company or even the perfect job. But, when you know what standards you will not negotiate, you are closer to what makes you thrive in your career.

So how do you decide what’s non-negotiable?

First, get clear on what you need versus What would be nice to have. For example, if you want to become senior leader, then opportunities to advance in the company is a non-negotiable for you. Another example could be flexible work hours.

Write down your non-negotiables. When you write your list, you now have a guide and checklist to help you decide whether an opportunity is good for you.

Read your list of non-negotiables out loud. When you speak your list, you begin to memorize them and it becomes a part of you.

Review your list from time to time. As you experience new things, you will have a different perspective in life. What may be important to you now, may not be so much later.

Take control of your career by knowing what standards you will not negotiate.


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