How to Create Your List of Non-Negotiables Worksheets

How to Create Your List of Non-negotiables

This worksheet corresponds with Proactive Career Advice:  What Are Your Non-Negotiables? and is reserved for our subscribers.  A password is required to access this worksheet.   You can get access here by subscribing to receive Proactive Career Advice:      

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Review and Document Your Career Accomplishments

Document Your Success | Phenomenal Image

Create a file that documents your career accomplishments. Recording your successes is beneficial for several situations, including: Negotiating your salary Asking for a promotion or raise Answering questions when interviewing Performance Reviews Updating your resume Boosting Your confidence What Accomplishments should I Document? You should record all accomplishments. Why? Because…

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View Delays and Denials as Opportunities

Phenomenal Image | Denials are Opportunities

I am a firm believer that setbacks are opportunities in disguise. During her talk to Stanford Graduate School of Business students, Oprah spoke about how she was demoted from news anchor to work on the station’s talk show. It was when she was interviewing the ice cream guy that she…

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